About Creation Research

About us

Creation Research is a non-denominational faith ministry, funded by the gifts of God's people to proclaim Christ as Creator, Sustainer, Saviour, Lord and Judge.

Creation Research exists to seek evidence for the Biblical account of Creation, Noah’s Flood, Tower of Babel and related subjects. We investigate and promote such evidence in order to glorify Christ and build His church. Become part of the Creation Research Support Team Worldwide and help spread God’s Word about God’s World bypurchasing our DVDs and your prayers. TAX DEDUCTIBLE GIVING AVAILABLE IN SEVERAL COUNTRIES.

Aims & Beliefs

Psalm 26:7 sums it up nicely. "That we may publish with the voice of thanksgiving, and tell of all God's wondrous works."
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Free Audio

Listen to interviews with John Mackay, The Creation Guy, covering a range of topics from creation, to God's plans for the world.
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Our thanks to the following people who have been of great assistance in the establishment of Creation Research.
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For Teens

Read research and articles about fossils, creation, evolution and more. Written BY teens, FOR teens.
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