Australian Creation Museum - Jurassic Ark

The Aussie Creation Museum Jurassic Ark

“We look forward to seeing you when visit The Aussie Creation Museum Jurassic Ark, just off the Wide bay Highway at 108 Sykes Road, Bells Bridge,  15mins outside of Gympie, about 2 hrs north of the Brisbane airport.” John Mackay Director Creation Research



Petrified Tree sundial experience.
Make a fossil.
Fossil Sand Pit … dig up petrifying bones.
Getting the big picture … walk from Adam to Noah to Australia … see the real history of the world – the plants, the people and the rocks and fossils.
Living fossil garden.
Spectacular Murals.
Darwin’s Pigeons
After their Kind biology.
Fabulous fossil trailer with great learning display.
Growing Stalactites..the actual evidence.
Find and excavate real fossils.
See a real scientific fossil excavation as you search for evidence of creation and the flood.
Orchids galore!

AS YOU CAN’T DO ALL OF THE ABOVE IN ONE VISIT…it takes about 3 days of enjoyment and learning about God’s handiwork…so choose what you would like to do and arrange it with our curator Daryl to organise this on 0418 474 792 or email

1. VISIT JURASSIC ARK – visitors are welcome individually or in families or groups. Any visit to Jurassic Ark is by arrangement only (it is hosted on private property). Contact our curator Daryl to organise this on 0418 474 792 or email Various length day trips are available from one hour to five hours, so discuss costs with Daryl. Saturday visits are normally held only when we organise a Jurassic Ark tour group.  

2.OPEN DAY we have an open day usually in September when our orchids are blooming and the botanical gardens are looking great. Make sure you’re on our email news list to be informed about when this will be to see the latest finds and improvements. Click to subscribe.

3.SCHOOL VISITS TO JURASSIC ARK your class can visit Jurassic Ark by arrangement for a great day or half day fun learning outdoor experience.

4. CHURCH VISITS–  The facility is also available for Sunday morning outdoor services. 

safe digging equipment / toilet.

CLOTHING suitable for the weather of the day … hats, suncream, etc.
FOOD … your own eats and plenty of drinking water.
LEARNING notebook and pen.


LET US KNOW 4 weeks ahead if possible what time you are planning on arriving final numbers and age range attending.   

COSTS $20 per person $45 per family 10-2 pm  for groups of 10 families or 25 individuals. Smaller groups costs by arrangement.  

5. DONATE TO THIS PROJECT NOW … the whole world needs to see the evidence Gods word is true from the very beginning. CLICK HERE.