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‘Tites, ‘Mites and Fossil Fights!


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IT’S A YOUNG WORLD AFTER ALL! – The facts are in!

A NEW BOOK for teens from the Creation Guy John Mackay in association with up-and-coming young geologist, Joseph Hubbard (a.k.a. Indiana Joe).

WHY? Because one of the biggest attacks on Christianity and the Bible is the continued undermining of the six days of creation and all Biblical history, so people won’t trust Jesus Christ and His Word. But the evidence shows we are being lied to. This book is a needy weapon in this battle.

HOW? The global snapshot style uses a common theme to thread challenges together, so you don’t just learn what to think, but how to think. It’s as if John was in the room chatting with you, as he focuses your mind on the challenges of real research. It’s conversational – to the point – challenging – and sometimes provocative! John is joined by young UK geologist creation researcher, Joseph Hubbard.

WHERE? Chief author John Mackay, starts in Australia and takes us round the planet using spectacular photos he and his colleagues have taken worldwide. You will love the locations and the undeniable evidence.

WHAT? In full colour, fabulous photos, exciting experiments and challenging discussions. 40 years of research on 40 pages in quality gloss card cover A4 size.

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Prof John Walton Uni St. Andrews School of Chemistry: ‘A wonderful profusion of photos graphically demonstrates the fast pace of fossilization and petrification. The deep time explanations touted by museums and the media are credibly exposed as evo-babble.’

PROF. ED. NEELAND UNI BC “Mind blowing experiments that show fossils, stalactites (mites) can form over very short time periods and not millions of years. A real eye opener.”

DR CSABA SIFFEL Research Scientist USA:“This is absolutely fantastic material!”

PROFESSOR ANDY MCINTOSH, LEEDS UK:“Great for young people. Packed with very useful information on stalactites and stalagmites and fossils and much more.”

BIOLOGY TEACHER KIRK L. WILSON COLUMBUS, NC: This book leaves no stone unturned as it demonstrates how natural geologic processes like those that have formed, and are forming stalactites and stalagmites in real time, lead us to the rock-solid conclusion we live on a young earth. You need this book whether you are a student or teacher of students.

PASTOR JACK HANNAH ONTARIO CANADAWow…. you made it difficult to ‘not believe’ by the repetitive and worldwide nature of this phenomenon. People reading this will have difficulty dismissing the time/process argument. Well done!

AiG DIRECTOR SIMON TURPIN UK: “Great evidence that it does not take time but a process to produce fossils/stalactites. This will help young people understand that the Biblical position of creation and flood makes sense of God’s world.”

LIBRARIAN CHERI FIELDS USA: “What a treasure trove of photos! How wonderful that you are developing material for teens. It has long burdened my heart that much of the material available to share the truth of creation requires an adult’s vocabulary and ability to focus on less-than-easy lectures and books.”

GOVT FIELD OFFICER ANDREW EWERS: I am very impressed.  It is colourful and attractive and has a step by step approach to unfolding the pathway to discovering truth versus error.  It is written and presented in a style that would be attractive to teens. It can be read as an individual or can be used in a group setting as a teaching aid.
It does not necessarily have to be read at one sitting either. There are gems (or tites) on every page.

TEACHER MANITOBA ALEX SCHARF CANADA: Book looks Grrreat ! Lots of solid understandable examples, and evidence that we need to go against the propaganda and deception of the days in which we live.

EDITOR CINDY BELL TENNESSEE …Wow – this is SO good, we can’t wait for it to be published !!!   You have a unique gift to be able to reveal GOD while you reveal geological truth.  I appreciate your “quote boxes” throughout, very insightful.  The revised “How to use this book” page is excellent and even I can get it!

RESEARCH ENGINEER CLEM GRIEGER M Eng (Aus): I am impressed with the content. It covers a complete range of the subject, drives the relevant points clearly ( process – creation / evolution), and is filled with very interesting knowledge bits like where the words come from giving the book a most interesting flavour, not just a dry fact book, making it easier to remember details. I think this book should appeal to most women and children as well – the people it will not appeal to are those who religiously hold on to the evolutionary faith.

ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENTIST BILL BOEHM MS (Malaysia)  Awesome introduction.. You catch the attention of the debate immediately..good hook that draws one in to your evidence..done with photographs. It seems to flow well. Designed to logically present examples and information to make the reader question what they believe and why? To look at the evidence presented and to ask what is happening from the data observed and to directly refute popular evolutionary beliefs. I think it will be a good tool for Kids starting high School to cause them to question any evolution teaching, but to also make a logical presentation based on the evidence you have supplied. (Good for interested Adults too!) I expect that your book will satisfy most students, but will also serve as an excellent foundation for those who will study further.

REVEREND EDRICK CORBAN-BANKS TASMANIA B.Mus  B.TheolA faultless and fact filled presentation. This latest offering from John Mackay is a succinct compilation of years and years of field trip investigation and thousands upon hours  of hours research.  Every  question one may have about creation or evolution will be answered or challenged in this thought provoking edition of Tites. John is known for the tightness of his thinking and faultless presentation, in lecturing teaching and debate. He has surpassed himself in the Tite-ness of his latest publication.

TV HOST DAVID RIVES USA: An easy, fun read for anyone with an interest in geology. Great information on rapid fossil and mineral formation, and amazing research on caves, this book takes you on-location and in the field with observational science and photography.

DIRECTOR MT ST HELENS CREATION CENTER PAUL TAYLOR USA: With a breathtaking series of photographs, taken from around the world, this new book ‘Tites, Mites, and Fossil Fights’ is a feast of evidence, which is entirely consistent with the biblical accounts and timescale. This beautiful work from John Mackay can be used in so many ways. You can enjoy learning more about the subject yourself, or you can open it on your coffee table, to stimulate conversations with your friends. John Mackay has delivered a treasure trove of information and resources, that will strengthen your faith, and help you to defend the truth of God’s word.

EDUCATOR Karl Priest B.Ed M.Admin. WV USA : As a retired teacher of 35 years and  truth seeker, I rate this book as OUTSTANDING and give it a grade of A+.

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