Walking with Jesus Through Genesis (Volume 1)


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This book has exciting reviews on how wonderfully devotional and encouraging it is to anybody’s faith. As you walk through Genesis with Jesus, you will be blessed abundantly by the Word of God who was there and gave us the written Word of God to open our eyes to His greatness and saving grace. Get your copy of this book.

Jesus quoted from the book of Genesis as real history when He taught. Today, many compromise the plain teaching of God’s Word about the beginning, often because they are scared of appearing ‘foolish’ in the world’s eyes. Yet in seeking to combine ‘God’ with modern evolutionary opinion, all they achieve is to replace the truth of God’s Word with a lie. This very helpful study guide from John Mackay enables you to ‘walk with Jesus’ from the beginning, and discover the crucial and wonderful truths that underpin God’s Word.

“I really enjoyed the jumping-off point in Luke 24, which is a great starting point for what you’re doing. The connections and implications you draw out between John 1 and Genesis 1, and other Scriptures, are wonderful. I’ve personally not read anything quite like it. It’s so important to make absolutely clear that the Jesus of the New Testament is the Creator God of the Old, and this work does that very well. I appreciate you taking on both theologians and scientists who demote Scripture from its rightful position of ultimate authority, which is important to do also. I love the idea of pointing out how God always acts with purpose, even to the days He chose to be in the ‘belly of the earth'”. Dr Peter John Barber, PhD (Aberdeen), Professor of Biblical Theological Studies, Canada.

“What a great book! I am looking forward to using it in Sunday School and giving it out as gifts”. Bible Group Leader, Dave Holowaty, Australia.


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