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By Hannah – UK

Many, if not all School textbooks refer to Evolution as fact, however the truth is, Evolution is not fact based at all. Looking at any creature, plant or organism and its functions, it’s clear to see that all these things were lovingly created and did not come about by chance.

Many Scientists claim that some of the first creatures to ever exist were simple organisms, but this theory doesn’t match with the highly sophisticated early fossils that they’ve found. So which is it? A good example of creationism would be to look at the Ocean. It’s obvious to see the extreme beauty, diversity and complexity of the Sea. Just a fraction of a change in the Oceans temperature or salinity level (amount of salt found in the water) over a quick period can have a huge and possibly deadly impact on all marine life. 

Every single creature, plant and organism all have a specific purpose. None of this highly complex ecosystem adds up to the theory of Evolution.

Photo: Titan Tigerfish with cleaner wrasse
(indicated by arrows)

Here is an example: Many large fish such as sharks often consume food that may become trapped within the teeth or around the mouth of the animal. If left these particles may build up or produce infections and as such hinders the animal from eating. In order to stop this smaller cleaning fish will enter in and around the mouth of the predator, fearlessly cleaning and feeding on the particles. Although they would have been vegetarian when they were created these large fish have now become predators.  This type of symbiosis, known as cleaning symbiosis, creates a clear flaw in the evolutionary theory.  Why would the cleaning fish potentially risk its life by entering the mouth of a predator? What would stop the predator’s natural instinct from kicking in and eating the fish straight away? How many fish would be consumed before the predators became aware of what the fish was doing?  This makes no sense in an evolutionary world, but works if animals were created as fully functional creatures in fully functioning mutually supporting ecosystems.

Another example of symbiosis in the sea: Three Way Symbiosis All At Sea